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The Dawson Gap Farm Store

Located next to the historic Dawson Gap Road, we are here to help you find nutrient dense food for your family and premium Non-GMO livestock feed and farm supplies for your farm or homestead.

Payment may be made by Cash, Check, E-Check, or Credit Card

Shipping and Regional Delivery are only available for Non-GMO livestock feed and farm supplies.

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  • Friday – 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
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Our Happy Customers

JustinPurcellville, VA
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Dawson Gap Farm is truly committed to providing clean, non-GMO, organic food for our community. We have always appreciated their kindness, and willingness to help, as well as educate
SusanWaterford, VA
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Our family thinks it is the best pork we ever had!
AndreaKnoxville, VA
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Thanks for all you do for us and the community!
AlexisShepherdstown, WV
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I appreciate you providing us with better options for feeding our chickens!
PaulPurcellville, VA
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Professional and very knowledgeable on all the feed products they sell. They are always able and willing to answer questions and concerns. I would recommend Dawson Gap Farm for high quality feeds.
LynnLovettsville, VA
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That was the best turkey ever!

Farm Products

Pasture Based Freedom Farming

More and more people are seeking an alternative to the normal supermarket fare. Some are looking for nutrient dense, grass fed foods, others are looking to remove GMO and toxins from their diet by sourcing natural foods close to home. Here at Dawson Gap Farm we sell what we eat as a family, and we would like to share our harvest with you. Our animals are raised on rotationally grazed pasture and wood lots. Livestock is daily cared for by our children, and fed a diet of premium Dawson Gap Naturals Non-GMO feeds that have been tested for chemical pesticides and herbicides. We also partner with other local farms to give you convenient access to the quality food you need for your family.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey has become a local favorite and they sell out each year. Raised on grass, fed our premium Non-GMO feed, and processed here on our farm in Loudoun County, VA by our family, these Broad Breasted Turkey will range from 16 lbs. to 24 lbs. and available for pick up, fresh on our farm the week prior to Thanksgiving . We accept reservations beginning in September, first come, first serve.
Pasture Raised Whole Chicken
Non-GMO, No Pesticides or Herbicides, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, just great Pasture Raised Freedom Ranger Whole Chickens. Seasonally grown, and processed on our farm by hand. Freedom Ranger Chickens are from the French Label Rouge tradition, and are slower growing than the supermarket variety, and have superior flavor and texture. Ask about our bulk discount when buying 5 or more chickens!
All Natural Heritage Pork
We raise heritage breed hogs that are slower growing and excel in flavor. We raise them in rotational paddocks in the woods, and they are fed premium Dawson Gap Naturals Non-GMO feed. They are processed by a USDA inspected facility and prepared without any MSG, Nitrates, or Nitrites. We offer various flavors of sausage, bacon, pork chops, ham steaks, and roasts.
Pasture Raised Eggs
Pasture raised, and fed a diet of premium Dawson Gap Naturals Non-GMO feed. Our eggs are available all year long at our Farm Store. Discount available when purchasing 5 or more dozen!
Raw Local Honey & Pure Maple Syrup
We are pleased to be able to provide you with all natural, local, unprocessed honey from Hay’s Apiary. We have various sizes, and flavors including economical 1 Gallon jars for cooking and families.

Pure maple syrup, straight from the mountains of Cumberland, MD. Produced by a family run business that has been making the best maple syrup since 1961, on land that has been owned by the family since the 1800’s.
Grass Fed Beef
Dawson Gap Farm has limited quantities of grass fed beef. Contact us about our current supply or we can refer you to another great local farm!

Farm Supply

Growing Freedom One Chicken at a Time

There is nothing like the feeling of seeing your children bring in eggs from the backyard.
The satisfaction of sitting down to a meal that was raised on your own land is liberating.
People raising livestock is a great thing for our communities and the food system.
We consider it a privilege to be able to help you achieve your farming goals.

Copyright 2022 Dawson Gap Farm Store

Non-GMO Feed Orders Information

Place An Order

To place an order, simply send us an email with the products and quantities desired. We will reply within a day to confirm your order. We keep popular varieties of feed in stock, if not in stock, we will get it for you as soon as possible. Please subscribe to our Non-GMO feed email list for update feed information.


We feature farmer friendly pricing which maximizes savings for farms who are on the front lines of creating an improved local food system. At times we have healthy discounts at just 10 bags purchased at a time, but even deeper discounts for 40+ bags, 120+ bags as well as discounts for bulk delivery. No matter what size farm you have, we are hear to help you succeed!

Bulk Services

We are able to service producers requiring any amount of feed. We offer lower prices for large quantities of bagged feed, one ton totes, or bulk delivery by blower truck. No matter how much feed you need, or where you are, contact us to find out how we can get it to you for the lowest price possible.

Custom Non-GMO Feeds

Dawson Gap Naturals is able to custom formulate, and mix feeds to meet your nutritional and farming goals. If you are looking for something a little different, or have your dream feed in mind, Dawson Gap Naturals can make it happen. There is a 1,000 lb. minimum for ordering a custom feed.

Price List

We offer up front, clear pricing with quantity discounts. We are able to source all Fertrell Mineral products, all Polydome products, and we can source bulk orders of certified organic livestock feeds. Please call about bulk feed prices and delivery options. At this time the best way to receive our price list is to contact us by phone or email, and we will send one to you. 

Other Products

Other Products to Help Around the Farm

More than just feed, we are able to provide miscellaneous loose grains, minerals, dewormers, diatomaceous earth, as well as Minidomes and other Polydome products.  We are always looking for ways to help our local farming community, so if you can’t find it, let us know and we will see if we can help you.

Minidome Animal Shelters

Minidomes are designed by Polydome as a calf shelter, but also work great for many other small animal breeds.  We house goats, and pigs in Minidomes and others have used them for sheep and other livestock. They work great in rotational grazing systems, and their shape makes them wind resistant, and easy to set on end and roll to the next location.  Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene, they are 72″ in diameter and 60″ high, and weigh about 80 pounds. We also can provide the whole family of Polydome products from Bulk Bins, to other dairy products. Delivery is an additional charge.

Goats inside a minidome in the snow

Poultry Transport Coop Rental

Save time processing and conveniently move chickens with Poultry Transport Coops. Coops are available for rental. Decrease time catching your birds by doing so at night, and then holding them in these crates until processing. Safely transport many chickens with these stackable coops.

Red chicken crate coop

Premier1 Fences and Energizers

We stock Premier1 Electric Fences and Energizers in our Farm Store to conveniently help you have the tools to manage your animals. Rotational grazing and pasture based management are made possible with portable electric fence.

Mom and baby sheep


We offer all types of grains which have undergone the same testing protocol as our Dawson Gap Naturals Feed.  Please see the list below, and ask for anything you don’t see.  More common grains are priced on our Farm Supply Price List. Please contact for current availability.

  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Sunflower
  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Flax
  • Soybean
  • Field Peas
Yellow grains

Minerals & Supplements

Dawson Gap Naturals proudly uses Fertrell Minerals in their feeds, and we can source Fertrell Minerals, as well as Thorvin Kelp, Redmond’s Salt, and more for your animals. Visit the Fertrell Website or ask for your favorite Animal Supplement Product here!

Poultry Processing Equipment Rental

We offer a Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer and a chicken plucker available for rental. We recommend the Processing Trailer for processing 100 or more birds, and the plucker for fewer amounts. We want to make this available to the community to offer an affordable option to grow and process your own chicken and turkey for your family or community. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, come to one of our Poultry Processing Workshops! In just a few hours, you can gain enough experience and confidence to process chicken for your own family!

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