Dawson Gap Naturals Non-GMO Feed

Feed that Works as hard as you do!

Farming isn’t easy, that is why Dawson Gap Naturals has produced a Non-GMO feed that rewards your hard work with the results you deserve.  By combining the organic vitamin, mineral, and probiotic fortifications produced by FERTRELL, with tested whole grain ingredients, Dawson Gap Naturals is able to achieve superior results for sustainable farms.

Transparency is important to the local food movement, so Dawson Gap Naturals employs a stringent testing protocol to see that our feeds are produced without GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides including glyphosate.

In order for a farm to be sustainable, it must also be profitable, so Dawson Gap Naturals offers competitive pricing and shipping rates, including significant discounts to producers who are leading the way in the local food movement.

Our Goal is Your Success

Dawson Gap is the birthplace of a community of local sustainable farms seeking high quality Non-GMO livestock feed that is designed so that their animals, farm, and land will thrive. While Dawson Gap Farm is the flagship distributor of Dawson Gap Naturals, there is a growing network of dealers and farms who are making Dawson Gap Naturals available across the East Coast. There is a website specifically for Dawson Gap Naturals which you can find at www.DawsonGapNaturals.com or please Contact us for more information.

Dawson Gap Non-GMO Feed Delivery

Friendly, Box Truck Delivery with Liftgate Service, Bulk Auger Trucks, or Freight, we can get our feed to you!  Feed is heavy stuff, and we know you may need some help moving it around.  We offer regular local deliveries of feed, and we are able to schedule shipments to other distant areas.
White delivery truck