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Dawson Gap Road

On the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, at the base of Short Hill Mountain in Western Loudoun County, VA, you will find the remnants of an old, abandoned state road called Dawson Gap. There is nothing left to the road but old stone walls, an occasional foundation from a farmhouse from long ago, and gullies where a road used to traverse a small mountain. This old road may have been abandoned, but it is not forgotten.


The Lord led us to make the foot of this mountain our home in 2009, and Dawson Gap Road causes us to pause and ponder upon the history that has occurred on this ground beneath our feet. Used by horse and wagon, traveled by families, farmers and hunters, encamped about by civil war armies, this road harkens back to another time.

We like to think of this old abandoned road as a metaphor for food in relation to our families and community. This old road speaks of a time of simplicity, robust and vibrant families, and communities benefitting from local commerce. A time when cows just ate grass, and chickens would scratch in the sunshine amongst the grass and dirt to find bugs. There were difficult times for certain, but there was peace in God’s provision, the helping hand of a neighbor, and far-reaching freedom was a birthright given to us by our Creator. There are signs of this heritage still alive in those of us today, but unfortunately, it seems to be a trend for our culture to move further and further away from the symbolism of this old abandoned road. There is an alternative to the corporate industrial food production of our day, and it lies in the heritage of this road.

It is time to return to the simplicity of raising animals the way God intended, with a mind towards management processes which will heal the land and increase the vitality of the land for future generations. It is time for families to do all they can to work together, and eat nutritionally sound meals together. It is time for people to come together again as communities, and to patronize the local economy and keep their dollars from going overseas. It is time to remember to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to the love the Lord our God, who created the animals we grow for food, and who has endowed us with certain unalienable rights. These are interesting times to live in, and many are awakening to the modern food system, and are seeking alternatives. In our own small way, we are stepping out to encourage such things, and Lord willing, growing freedom one chicken at a time.

We are a Christian homeschooling family with 6 children, and we look forward to working together as a family to teach our little ones the lessons of life, and to share the fruits of our labor with our neighbors and community. We hope to be a resource to our community, and actively participate in the local food movement. Please come and be a part of developing local food systems which are not dependent upon foreign countries, or multi-national corporations. Please participate in developing highly nutritional pasture based foods, with the transparency that only can be created in a local food production relationship.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please contact us sometime so we can get to know you.  Please take your time visiting our website to learn more about what we are doing to help build and encourage the local food economy around us.  We can now be found on Facebook and we routinely keep in touch by an email newsletter.

God Bless,

The Morrison Family