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From a single bag for your backyard flock, to one ton totes and bulk services and deliveries for producers, Dawson Gap Farm can help you meet the nutritional needs of your animals.  We know how difficult it can be to find a high quality, natural, Non-GMO feed for your animals, so we are delighted to be able to help others gain access to real whole grains, which are specially formulated to provide optimal nutrition for your animals.  Hiland Naturals goes the extra mile to put the very best quality in each bag of feed, and they are now NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED.  To learn more about Hiland Naturals Feed and Supplements please visit their website.

Dawson Gap Farm also offers CHAFFHAYE, which is premium alfalfa, cut, chopped, and slightly fermented in convenient bags.  It is a natural source for beneficial yeast, enzymes, and microorganisms that support healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.  It is dust free, has superior pallatability, produces less waste, and uses no genetically modified organisms.

What to look for in a Quality Feed

Non-GMO. Hiland Naturals is Non-GMO Project Verified, which is a stringent third party national testing program.  You most likely have seen these labels on foods you purchase at the store for yourself.  There is a premium price associated with Non-GMO grains, and Hiland Naturals has made every effort to make sure you are actually buying Non-GMO feed for you animals.  Hiland Naturals also performs tests for the top 60 pesticides and herbicides.
Multi Grain Cereal Diversity. No “processed grain by-products”, no wheat middlings, not just 2 or 3 grains.  Hiland Naturals provides multiple whole grains which provide a greater array of amino acids.
Superior Ingredients.  Hiland Naturals never uses antibiotics or growth hormones in their feeds, instead they are naturally fortified with special formulas of vitamins, kelp, herbs, probiotics and enzymes by Jerry Brunetti of Agri-Dynamics.
Protein, not Filler. Compare protein levels... some brands have high levels of insoluable fiber, a bag of Hiland Naturals will go further with protein.  Some have testified to greater feed conversion ratios when switching to Hiland Naturals.
No Pellets, or Extrusion. Putting feed through heat or great pressure to process into crumbles or pellets degrades nutrients, and  lessens an animal’s ability to digest the food.  You will only find whole grains freshly ground in Hiland Naturals Feed.
No “ETHOXYQUIN”. Ethoxyquin is a pesticide that was developed by Monsanto in the 1950’s and is now commonly used as a preservative in fish meal.  Natural alternatives to stabilize ingredients like fish meal are available, and Hiland Naturals goes to the extra effort and expense to use such natural preservatives.http://www.agri-dynamics.comshapeimage_6_link_0


Non Soy

Certified Organic

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Hiland Naturals
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Feeds for all livestock are available... Chicken, Turkey, Swine, Cattle, Dairy, Goat, Horse, Rabbit as well as miscellaneous grains (Barely, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Sunflower, Peas, Milo, etc.).  There is also DIATOMACEOUS EARTH, kelp, and minerals and supplements available from AGRI-DYNAMICS.  Please CONTACT US or click on the “ORDER HILAND NATURALS NOW” Button to learn more!


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